Starting again

So, my last post was in response to the Boston Marathon bombing. Wow. I really am not much of a runner but I did relate to what happened that day.

In the time since then, I managed to injure my knees while riding a SeaDoo (long story), go through 3 months of physical therapy for that and start working with a trainer. I feel stronger than ever but weigh more than I ever have.

What to do?

Some swear by low fat diets. But then I heard there are new studies that say fat doesn’t make you fat. It’s sugar.

So I should choose sweeteners like Splenda? Oh no, not that. It causes headaches and will actually stimulate your appetite and weight gain! Okay then.

How about a Paleo diet? Well, US News ranked it last in all the diets based on being effective at weight loss, safe, reasonably easy to follow, nutritious, and protective against diabetes and heart disease. So, no.

Low carb diets have just as bad a reputation as Paleo. I’ve done Weight Watchers, don’t want to try Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem because I fear the processed foods.

What to do?

Honestly? I have no idea. But I am working out consistently and limiting my calorie intake to a normal level while eating fresh vegetables and fruits along with lean meats.

Wish me luck.