Overdue Wrap Up

So sorry. I haven’t posted for absolutely no good reason. But, I have been exercising daily and more importantly, I took my measurements on February 28. Drumroll, please… I lost 8.5 pounds and 9.5 inches! Whoo Hoo! I’m very pleased with my progress and am ready to keep going. Thursday, my husband and I are going to New Orleans for the wedding of my husband’s best friend.

We have been looking forward to this trip all winter and it has been my incentive for my weight loss. My husband and I plan to work out on Thursday before we leave. I’m bringing workout clothes with me. We’ll see if I actually do anything… I’ve been checking out the area where we are staying and it’s less than half a mile to Jackson Square so I’m thinking that a run over there and back may be on my list of things to do Saturday morning. We’ll see! I am really thrilled with what I have accomplished and love the new lifestyle we have. I retook my measurements on March 9 and wow! I haven’t lost any more weight but I’ve lost more inches! 12.5″ to be exact.

Finding a way to work out every day is a fun challenge and I enjoy finding new ways to cook yummy meals. For example, tonight we had a great meal! Braised Chicken and Kale from Cooking Light. I added some brown rice on the side and it was a wonderful meal. Mostly, I am happy. Really happy to be fit and focused on myself.

That may sound strange but everyone needs a little focus on self. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about others or have responsibilities but it does mean that it’s okay to put yourself first. I have also learned that I can do more than I thought I could. I never believed that I could exercise daily but here I am, doing it! And guess what? You can too! All you need is a mental shift and you are off to the races! Try different classes. Group classes, dance, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, spin, running, biking, walking, cross fit, P90X, whatever floats your boat, just go do it! And do it for you. I will post occasionally from now on. Sometimes with what I’m doing exercise-wise, sometimes with new recipes, or just with any other thoughts. Thanks for being here with me.

Here’s to the next 10 pounds or inches gone!!


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