Back to (Somewhat) Normal


My sweet Yates went back to school today even though she felt terrible when she woke up. Actually, she only agreed to go if I brought her a Lenny’s ham sandwich. That was an easy trade. She felt well enough at lunch to stay for the whole day. I’m proud of her.

Since I had my morning back, I did a little work for my husband’s company, masterIT before heading to Germantown Methodist for my spin class.

Much to my dismay, our instructor, Tiffany was sick and she had a sub for the class. I regret that I cannot remember her name right now, but my legs will never forget her! We spent the entire hour on the bike. Tiffany gets us off the bike about half way through for some weight training but this girl just kept spinning. And spinning and spinning.

We jumped up and down in our seats until I thought I couldn’t go any more. But I did. I’m stronger than I thought and I burned over 500 calories!

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for parties my husband and I are going to this weekend. One is a wedding shower for my husband’s best friend who’s New Orleans wedding this March is my current motivator for getting fit. The other is the Ronald McDonald House Oscar Party at the Columns downtown Sunday night.

This is an event special to the bride in the New Orleans wedding. We went last year and had a blast! I’ll show you the pictures of my husband and I on Sunday. Hint: He’s wearing a tux.

Not an Expected Day

Today was an unusual day. As I told you yesterday, my daughter has had a stomach ache since the weekend. We thought she was doing better last night but this morning, she woke up in pain again.

Our doctor said to go to the emergency room so that’s what we did.

Recently, our insurance changed and made a requirement that we only go to Methodist Hospital. I don’t have any problem with Methodist, after all, I was born at Methodist Central where my father was a surgeon.

But my whole adult life I have gone to Baptist. Both my girls were born there. I have a good friend who works there and has been very helpful to me in times past.

But, insurance demanded a change so off to Germantown Methodist we went.

It was a lovely experience.

First, our wait was minimal. The triage nurse was so sweet. Then Dr. Dargie, the pediatrician on call was the brother of a friend of ours who’s husband is also our pediatric dentist.

The nurse on duty, Ashley, could not have been more attentive and Andre, who tried in vain to put her line in was calm and reassuring.

The whole experience was a blessing. Yates is fine. They didn’t find any acute issues so we will treat her with some meds to relax her colon and hopefully this will pass.

As for exercise, there was no physical exercise today. Mental exercise? Yes.

Tomorrow, I plan to hit my spin class.

The adventure continues.


No Mas

As busy as yesterday was, today was just as slow. However, my sweet daughter has had a stomach ache since Sunday and she could not answer the bell for school today.

We saw our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Bubba at Peds East who wasn’t overly concerned but wanted us to watch out for any escalation. Anyone who knows my girl knows she doesn’t handle pain well.

So she slept all day and I worked on a project. It’s a long story to tell you that for the first time, aside from a Sunday, I didn’t work out.

I’m okay with it. She needed me today and I was here. It’s all good and tomorrow, I’ll hit Pure Barre.




Although I planned to run today, my body had other ideas. After church, lunch and my weekly Skype with our oldest daughter, I took a nap. A long nap. My husband said I was snoring, loudly.

Sundays will continue to be a day of rest for me.

Tomorrow, Zumba!